IGEPAK is launching a new campaign for its best-selling product this year: the “NO-RINSE HAND CLEANSER FOAM”.

We are pleased to inform you of our new campaign to promote our ” NO-RINSE HAND CLEANSER FOAM” which, thanks to its properties and unique characteristics, cleans the hands without having to wash them and provides a silky soft touch. With a creamy, light texture, this alcohol-based formula is quickly absorbed so as not to leave the hands greasy. This product is mainly for cosmetic use. It provides a sensation of cleanliness and freshness. A perfume can be added so that the hands are slightly scented.

If you are thinking of developing a similar product, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more. We offer you the opportunity to try the product, which is one of the successes of luxury brands and mass distribution in Europe. You can customize the NO-RINSE HAND CLEANSER FOAM any way you wish (with your brand, your design, addition of active ingredients, fragrances, different formats, etc.) and add it to your product portfolio.

For further information about the product click on the following link: No-rinse hand cleanser foam.