R+D+I Laboratory

Our R+D+I laboratory, with a wide experience, is equipped with all the necessary technology.

We are a service company with a research laboratory for the development of products that comply with the current European regulations, to offer our customers an integrated production and filling solutions that meet their specific needs, in close collaboration with them, ensuring confidentiality and strict exclusivity.

We are constantly developing innovative formulas that respond to market demand and we have an extensive catalog of standard formulas that can be customized by including different fragrances, active ingredients, etc..

To perform this activity we currently have the following equipment:

  • Applications Laboratory
  • Compatibility Test Equipment
  • Reactor for Pilot Tests
  • Microbiological laboratory
  • FTIR Spectrophotometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Viscometer
  • Ph-meter
  • Refractometer
  • Digital density meter
  • Auto evaluator